Customer relationship management


The Speed customer service system consists of several basic modules that help facilitate the process of controlling and monitoring sales and marketing professionally and provides detailed reports on daily, weekly and monthly sales cases, sales status and after-sales service.

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Components of the Speed system for customer service management

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Setup model

  • The best companies
  • The best products/services
  • The best marketing media
  • The best type of promotional and advertising events
  • The best types of activities
  • Most types of complaints
  • Recruitment management
  • The best industries and products
  • The best country
  • Application users
  • Application user profiles with user rights

Customer guide

  • Managing clients and potential clients
  • Import customer data
  • Search for clients
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  • Marketing campaign management
  • Send an email
  • short message
  • Send by fax
  • Advertising
  • Telemarketing
  • Distributing the campaign to customers


  • Determine the sales goal
  • Managing sales presentations
  • Follow up with sales clients
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  • Customer service management
  • Customer complaints management

Daily activity

  • Task Management
  • To do list
  • Event and meeting management
  • Daily activity log
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