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If you are a car rental company working in different areas of complementary transportation services such as rent-to-own, chauffeur-driven and limousine rentals and are trying to find some comprehensive software solutions, then you are in the right place. We offer a comprehensive leasing-to-own software solution that not only provides automation of leasing processes, but also automation of all your additional transportation services. Moreover, we automate your finance, sales and HR departments. Leveraging a single platform provides you with powerful visibility into your business, improving revenue and reducing cost.

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System benefits

  • Increasing the profits of the lease-to-own process
  • Reducing the cost of rent-to-own through the electronic leasing process
  • Increase access to the desired profit and reduce the cost of car repair
  • Increase productivity by accessing the rental system from your mobile phone
  • Preventing the leakage of traffic violations with the process of automating traffic violations
  • Reduce your workload as a result of the automation process
  • Reduce IT cost

Advantages of the Speed system for leasing ending with ownership

Automation solution

Automation of field operations that were not cost effective in the past is now possible due to the lower cost of mobile Internet and the lower cost of mobile devices. Moreover, mobile phone coverage exists almost everywhere. Speed system automates all manual rental processes.

Converting manual processes to electronic ones

Every automation process improves your profits, every manual process represents a burden that must be eliminated. Speed system provides a program to automate almost all manual processes such as:

  • Electronic payment system for traffic violations
  • Electronic road toll payment system
  • Electronic fuel management system
  • Electronic payment system
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Document management system

It is a cumbersome task to submit all the physical documents related to rental operations. Speed program contains a document management system integrated into Speed system.

Add-on systems

According to your business requirements, you can add any available systems to the Speed platform. Being part of the SPEED platform, each system can talk to other systems without the need for tethering It allows you to flow data seamlessly from one system to another Various additional software options are available Linkage with SAP, ORACLE, or Microsoft SAGE

Notifications and alerts system for customers


To run the program in a language that is not your language; It can add more complexity to an already complex business. In addition to your local regulatory compliance, you may have no choice but to create all legal documents related to the leasing process in your native language. The vehicle rental software has the ability to operate it in your language. If you don't like some label or caption; You can change it through the language settings layer.

The system can be accessed from anywhere

The software can be accessed from anywhere using any laptop, mobile phone, tablet etc. You just need a browser and an internet connection. On a larger screen, you will use the software in full screen mode while on a mobile screen, the system will automatically change to mobile mode. This ease of access improves productivity which can lead to improved profits

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